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Pallavi Barua wrote:


TCOYH was an eye opening session for me. I have been in search of a nutrition course for a long time that would help me take charge of my own nutrition and health. I have been following healthy people and their lifestyles and food regimen all over the internet but always was left wondering if that particular food diet or nutrition was right for me and my body. And after joining TCOYH, I realized that all the healthy stuff that I followed was more harmful for my body and my health. I was totally eating wrong things for my body and health condition. Thanks to the wonderful and amazing team of TCOYH for guiding me toward a more healthy lifestyle that is tailored toward me. Not only does the course teach you to eat right and help you with your health issues, it helps you holistically.  Ultimately changing your lifestyle emotionally and mentally. The love, care, compassion, and  enthusiasm Rajan and Gauriji have while helping everyone is commendable. I'm so grateful for being part of this course. Not only did I learn about my health and a proper healthy lifestyle but I have also created new friendships with every participant, who I can call my new and extended family. Thank you “Living without Medicine” for this amazing opportunity. And a BIG, BIG, thank you and gratitude to Gauriji and  Rajan for all your guidance. Thankyou to our  amazing SPOCS for always being there for us. Lastly thankyou  to the visiting speakers for being the cherry on top of a beautiful cake😍

If anyone is thinking of or having doubts on whether or not to join this course, I would say to just take a leap of faith; you will end up in a better place.

Vidya Viswanathan wrote:

#TakingChargeofYourHealth  #SafeSpace  #Mudras #Mantrasforhealing  

We started our sessions with chanting and created a certain stillness and energy. We created a safe space where everybody could discuss their health and life problems.  In fact the group held the space and encouraged people to open up and extremely supportively when anybody broke down. In some cases we had to coach individually. 

We paired them into buddies and they called and helped each other. Through the six weeks people made a lot of changes in their habits and the effect was visible in the way their faces started glowing and body language started relaxing.

Our participants also got an overview of Ayurveda and Naturopathy. It was amazing how we managed to bring together a team where we gave our participants an overview into many healing methods like Mudras and Mantras. We had a session on cooking with millets.

The participants were of all ages – some young parents and some grandparents. Some of them were wellness professionals themselves.  With just one exception who we will still hand hold all of them expressed that the course had changed their lives. 

Many had given up medicines during the six weeks. Some had started offering help and solutions to others.

We are grateful to the Universe that we are able to take this movement of healing and Living Without Medicine forward.

Archana Agarwal wrote:

I am a therapeutic nutritionist with almost three decades of counselling experience yet like anybody else I too needed a support system and a gentle but firm reminder that taking charge of your own health is not just a choice but a huge responsibility. Through this program I gained a deeper affirmation to my own beliefs and principles of Functional Nutrition as also a wider perspective to the integrated approach and assimilation of Ayurveda, Mudras , Naturopathy! An extensive webinar on inclusion of Millets and the sharing of recipes was a huge value addition!

Sunita Sinha wrote:

The TCOYH programme is a one of its kind in India. Based on my medical reports, a thoughtfully & scientifically curated nutrition programme is charted out for me...gently weaning me off my disorders to optimal health. The best part is the team led by Gauri Sarin & guided by functional nutritionist Rajan Mahendra hand held me through my journey. They were available all hours to answer my anxieties & questions. i’m on my way to be off my meds completely. 

This experience & the LWM community is the best gain for me this pandemic year. Deep Gratitude & eternal good wishes. May this tribe increase.

Deepa Pal wrote:

I was always particular of my health and even considered myself healthy but my bubble was burst when I was told about the various negative points of my blood report. After hearing the inputs from Rajan, I did send a thank you prayer to God that day, telling him that I now understand why this course was pushed to me. A wake up call indeed!

Food heals and the body heals itself. I was aware of this due to my meditational practice but WHICH FOODS!? HOW TO CONSUME? WHAT TO CONSUME? - All of this I learnt here. 

It was an extremely knowledgeable and comprehensive course tailor-made to each and everyone’s individual needs and reports. My write up would be in incomplete without the mention of the mentors- Rajan and Gauri ji. I owe you both a lot in this journey of my fitness. I admire your passion, the enthusiasm, patience and selfless service towards us. My head bows down to you in awe and gratitude.