What we do

Grow Local, Buy Local, Eat Local

Farmer’s Market

To bring the organic farmers and the end consumers face to face, we organized a series of farmer’s markets at a Spencer’s supermarket.

We decided to start start an experimental hyperlocal  model in Gurgaon with a Retail chain – Spencer’s and across condominiums – one step at a time. Over 2 winter seasons we had done almost 90 markets covering 75 condominiums and a direct reach to over 1 lakh residents !! 

Living without Medicine had a challenge. A challenge to increase reach of healthy chemical free traditional foods to more in urban areas where processed, ultra processed and conventional food industry is big player. 

This was done to demonstrate purchasing interest of residents by creating direct connection to natural farmers / organic sellers/ start ups followed by a farm to table delivery model.  

Apart from a first level  reach it created following impact : 

1. Awareness of variety of products locally grown or processed. 

2. Trust and credibility between buyer and seller and delivery links . 

3. Tremendous encouragement to small foodpreneurs for innovation 

4. Assurance to farmers for a market so they focus on production / diverse crops without hesitation 

5. Revert to traditional eating – a huge plus viz bajra khichdi, ragi ladoo 

6. Almost Zero middle costs – bringing down costs for both consumer and seller, a win win. Hence viability, affordability. 

7. Feedback loops helping start ups to provide what consumer wants or test new products with informal consumer insights. 

Several farmers and sellers created large consumer outreach as a result. 

Webinars and FB Live

LWM Programs

Taking Charge of Your Health

Flagship program launched in Dec 2020

  • Duration : 5- 12 Weeks
  • Targeted at people with non – communicable diseases like metabolic disorders, hormonal issues & life style related disorders
  • Participants across globe
  • So far, completed successfully 2 cohorts, 3rd starting in July’21

Weight Management

  • First knowledge based Weight Reduction & Management program to provide our members real insights and tools for weight loss and prevent the ill effects of weight gain or obesity
  • This program will  motivate and enable participants to transition from unhealthy to healthy lifestyle patterns with ease.
  • Launching in Aug’21
  • 12 weeks program – Theory session, group coaching & practice sessions

Taking Charge of Your Health

Living Without Medicine Model and Coach for Health Program