Participants write about LWM programs

Deepa Pal

I was always particular of my health and even considered myself healthy but my bubble was burst when I was told about the various negative points of my blood report. After hearing the inputs from Rajan, I did send a thank you prayer to God that day, telling him that I now understand why this course was pushed to me. A wake up call indeed!

Food heals and the body heals itself. I was aware of this due to my meditational practice but WHICH FOODS!? HOW TO CONSUME? WHAT TO CONSUME? – All of this I learnt here. 

It was an extremely knowledgeable and comprehensive course tailor-made to each and everyone’s individual needs and reports. My write up would be in incomplete without the mention of the mentors- Rajan and Gauri ji. I owe you both a lot in this journey of my fitness. I admire your passion, the enthusiasm, patience and selfless service towards us. My head bows down to you in awe and gratitude.