Masterclass on Cancer – Functional Medicine Approach

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Expert: Mr. Rajan Mahendra, Functional Nutritionist.
In Cancer Masterclass you will learn about:
– Origins of cancer
-Different theories of Cancer
– Alternative therapies for Cancer

Masterclass components
4 Video Sessions

Cost Rs 499


The effectiveness of cancer treatments, including radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery, varies depending on the cancer type and stage. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and treatment plans should be personalized for the best outcome.

Cancer has genetic components, but lifestyle factors, including emotions like conflict and guilt, can also influence cancer risk. The link between diet and cancer recurrence highlights the critical role of dietary management in cancer care.

Functional Medicine offers holistic treatment approaches, focusing on the patient rather than just the disease.

The Masterclasses are broken into 4 sessions and offer you a good glimpse of the FM approach to understanding & management of cancer.

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Gauri Sarin

Course Faculty

Rajan Mahindra

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