Masterclass on Eye Disorders

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Expert: Dr. Dhanwantri Jha, BAMS
Starts: 1st April 2024

In This Masterclass you will learn about:
Prevention and Therapy for Eye Disorders
For children – eye care and common disorders
– Preventing eye problems in middle years
– Treatment of eye disorders among the elderly

Masterclass components
2 Video Sessions
2 Quiz

Cost Rs 499

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Starts: 1st April, 2024

Understanding and Managing Common Eye Disorders

This masterclass objective is to educate people on the importance of eye health, casing topics like common
eye disorders in childhood and old age, such as myopia, hypermetropia, cataracts, glaucoma, and conjunctivitis and the Ayurvedic practices for eye care.
Beyond conventional treatment modalities, our series uniquely introduces participants to the world of
Ayurvedic eye care, presenting a blend of modern and traditional remedies, preventive measures, and dietary
advice to support and enhance vision.

This series will provide you with a holistic approach to safeguard your vision and ensure eye wellness at every
stage of life.

Additional information

Course Faculty

Dr. Dhanwantri Jha

Start Date

1st April

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