Masterclass on Headaches and Migraine

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Expert: Dr. Dhanwantri Jha, MD – Ayurveda and Ph.D.
In this Masterclass you will learn about:

– Difference between Migraine and Headache
– Vata, Kapha and Pitta Headaches and recognise the type
– How to manage your Headache by modifying Diet and Lifestyle

Masterclass components
– 5 Video Sessions
– Quizzes
– Assignments

Cost Rs 499

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Ayurveda customizes the treatment with methods by identifying the dominant dosha of an individual’s migraines and headaches and offers holistic approaches to ease the migraine and headache symptoms.

Headaches involve distinct characteristics and triggers that range from simple, transient pains to complex syndromes, like cluster headaches, migraine, and secondary headaches.

Migraine is distinctly recognized for its severity having symptoms like nausea, visual disturbances, sensitivity to environmental factors, a complex neurological condition, hormonal disorders, genetic and physiological factors. Secondary headaches could be due some medical conditions, including tumors.

Environmental changes, sinus issues, tension, and even lifestyle habits like caffeine withdrawal can trigger headaches.

Modern medicine offers treatments but not a complete cure without side effects for migraines.

Additional information

Course Faculty

Dr. Dhanwantri Jha


Gauri Sarin

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