LWM – Learning Portal

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Intent or Purpose

To provide best in class educational inputs on alternative health therapies, both ancient and relatively new from the stand point of holistic, preventive and therapeutic interventions. The platform is intended to provide self-paced learning inputs to anyone interested in gaining knowledge about alternative therapies with reference to NCD and their prevention thereby. Some of these alternative therapies like Ayurveda, Homeopathy are reasonably well known and some are known to only a few segments across the globe viz. Siddha, Unani, Meru Chikitsa. Tibetan medicine and so on. The guiding principles of this platform are

  1. To provide education to enable informed choices for dealing with aggressive health conditions through alternative means
  2. The therapies are fundamentally rooted in natural medicinal, herbal, non-invasive, healing methodologies which are not strictly ‘non medicine’ but are strictly non-modern medicine synthesised for symptomatic treatment
  3. The purpose of the learning is 2-fold
    1. To be able to self-manage one’s health which is the foundation of ancient alternative sciences.
    1. However, for treatment or therapy these sciences can be applied independently and holistically without the support of any other therapy or along with other therapies (including modern medicine). The primary therapy could be the alternative method or the modern medicine treatment.
  4. The LWM platform is expected to provide both theory as well as practical application where ever possible. The experts who educate in this platform will be qualified educationists practitioners in their respective fields
  5. The education provided in this platform is meant for the common education for the person who may not be able to grasp highly technical medical jargon and hence the content experts chosen will need to have the ability to explain educate, Illustrate, and convey knowledge in a manner that grasping the concepts becomes relatively easy.
  6. Having said this, the platform will lay emphasis on providing high quality content not compromising or diluting the fundamentals of that science.

Methodologies and Therapies

This platform will offer following programs

  1. Comprehensive Certificate Courses
    • Courses such as AFHL courses which can comprise of one or more than one level of educational inputs. The duration ranging between 5 to 20 sessions. The courses are targeted at health medical practitioner, health coaches, patients, general learner. These courses provide an overview of the principles of a therapy or approach viz.  Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy, Functional Medicine, Accupressure any modality which has a system of knowledge which can be grasped by the common person who can then make informed choices and apply to themselves. The purpose of having this format is to empower people to make the right decisions for specific health conditions or general health meeting their own health goals instead of turning to hearsay or a superfluous understanding of the domain.
    • It would be an ideal blend of theory and practical.
  2. Master Classes or workshops:
    • These are basically 1-2 session formats which are intensely knowledge packed targeting very specific topics for e.g. eye disorders, headaches, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Parkinson’s etc. This could be disorder based or a broader topic such as women’s post-menopausal health. These are intended for practitioners, patients suffering these disorders, learners in the health space. It should be an ideal blend of theory and practical.
  3. Webinars: webinars are generally live interactions with the presence of expert panels or speakers on a topic of interest which maybe uploaded on the LMS plat form after going live. The webinars will be free knowledge sessions highly interactive and could be partially promotional.
  4. Health Coach Programs:
    • These are targeted at those who want to learn to be health coaches, nutritionists, any health practitioners who wish to add to their knowledge.