LWM Founder

Grow Local, Buy Local, Eat Local

Gauri Sarin is a business woman, a social entrepreneur- leader, a sustainable habitat advocate, a change maker, and influencer.

A Human Resources specialist from XLRI, a premier institute of India, Gauri has been inspired by Sri Sri and after 20 years as a corporate/ business leader as CEO of Approach International, she decided to give her time to society, creating communities for positive action on waste management, greening, water harvesting, as well as organic farming, entrepreneurship development, and healthy living.

She has led several campaigns and movements on water harvesting as the first active water warrior in Gurgaon, Malba Hatao, pan city Freedom from plastic, first urban Mini forest in Gurgaon and so on to build a sustainable habitat.

Today she runs a national organic platform #Bhumijaa (www.bhumijaa.org) and #LivingwithoutMedicine (www.livingwithoutmedicine.com) to promote healthy living. She has also launched Village2Kitchen model for natural farmers. She loves to travel in India and globally, meditate and build networks. Her work has won several accolades and reported by media frequently.